Tarot Card Decks – 5 Steps To Choosing The Right One For You

There is a bewildering array of Tarot card decks to choose from. New tarot decks are being published all the time! However, did you know that all decks are not created equal, and all decks do not work the same way for all psychics? Purchasing the right Tarot deck is important to your success if you want to get good at reading the cards. Here are a few simple tips to help you.

Tarot Card Decks

Choosing the Right Tarot Card Decks

Look for Detailed Artwork

Every Tarot deck comes with pre-printed meanings in a small booklet, but that’s not the only way to read the cards, or even the best way. The pictures on a Tarot card are meant to be direct links to the subconscious mind, which communicate primarily through images and symbols. A reader might get insight from a card because the image of a small mouse peering up from beneath a table catches the reader’s attention.

The reader might then realize that this is a signal that the subject of the reading is missing a small but important detail that colors the entire question, regardless of the printed meaning of the card. Therefore, you should look for a deck that offers detailed pictures. It’s much harder to get a reading when the pictures on the Tarot deck are very basic and simple.

Make Sure it is a Genuine Tarot Deck

A real Tarot deck has 4 suits, 78 cards, and both the Major and Minor Arcana. Some decks only include the Minor Arcana or only include the Major Arcana. Some have added and subtracted suits.

Different decks will make different suits available: some will use “stones” instead of “pentagrams” for example. The names of the suits aren’t as important as whether or not one suit corresponds to fire, one to air, one to earth, and one to water. Traditionally wands are fire, swords are air, pentagrams are earth and cups are water, but if you can pick out the correspondences in a deck that chooses other images then the deck is still looking good.

Avoid Novelty Decks

The Alcohol Tarot or the Ferret Tarot make fun gag gifts for your fellow psychics, but they do not offer good readings since they are designed only for the purposes of having fun. They are not necessarily designed with any attention to the archetypal symbolism that is such a key to good tarot readings.

Understand the Purpose of the Deck

If you want to do career readings you’ll want to avoid decks like “The World Spirit” tarot, which are designed to focus on spiritual growth and development. Here’s why: a spiritual development tarot deck might say that all is going well when your querent is on the verge of losing his job. This is because on the spiritual level, the loss of the job might allow your client to learn a vital spiritual lesson. That’s all to the good, but it’s still not going to provide your client with the answers he is seeking.

Choose a Deck that Calls to You

Some decks just won’t do well for some readers. Some decks are a perfect fit, however. Use your intuition when selecting a deck. What do you feel drawn to? What makes you a little bit excited inside? If you’re online spend some time looking at the images of the deck and reading about it.

If you’re in a physical store, hold the deck in your hand and decide how it makes you feel. A good deck will always feel right for you! Allow yourself to be guided by this intuition from the start—it’s the same inner voice you’ll be following when it’s time to sit down and do a reading with the cards.