The Skill Of Psychic Clairvoyance

You may have read, or heard, of people that had the ability to receive information in ways other than the normal five senses. We touch things to feel their presence, we smell things, we hear the sounds that things make, we taste things with our tongue, and we clearly see things with our eyes. When you are answering the question “what is clairvoyance”, you have to think of being able to experience some, or all, of those sensory perceptions without your physical body being where the other thing is.


The Skill Of Psychic Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the ability to suddenly receive an image in your mind and a feeling to accompany that image. Most people who have this ability will get small flashes or images in their mind accompanied by a feeling, smell, or other sense. For instance, they may get the sudden image of a house number accompanied by a feeling of happiness. They will know from these things that the house they are “seeing” is experiencing a happy time with the family that lives in it.

The word clairvoyance is a French word. It translates into clear vision. It ultimately means that someone can see something clearly. You read and see television programs about people with this ability, but most of you have never been in contact with someone that is truly clairvoyant. Or have you?

Most of you have a degree of this ability within you if you will allow it to surface, and keep an open mind. You have probably at sometime in your life had the sudden feeling that something was seriously wrong with someone you loved. When you experience this feeling you are getting a clear vision of something and you need to allow your body to act on the signals your mind is sending.

Of course there are individuals who have such abilities like this that they see and sense things we would never see. These individuals can often touch the clothing of a missing child, and immediately get a sense of where the child is, and whether they are dead or alive. They may not know the exact location of the child, but instead, be able to feel the fact that they are near water or that they are cold, and they are in the dark.

People who have these extraordinary abilities often work with law enforcement agencies to help solve crimes and help find missing persons. They sometimes are able to give the family of someone that was involved in a violent act the peace of mind that their loved one did not suffer, but instead passed quickly. This can be very comforting information to a parent who has lost a child, or a wife that has lost her husband to an act of violence.

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