With This In Mind It Can Be Seen That Real Phone Clairvoyancy Is Possible

Phone clairvoyancy has been popular for a long time. Many people who would use a face to face clairvoyant are skeptical of whether real phone clairvoyancy is possible. One of the reasons for this is that these people put a high premium on the face to face nature of a reading.

Real Phone Clairvoyancy

Is Real Phone Clairvoyancy Possible?

Not only do they enjoy the actual meeting but they believe that it may not be possible to do a reading from a distance. To answer this problem we need to have a quick look at the nature of clairvoyance and how it actually works.

As you probably know there are a number of techniques that are involved in clairvoyance a number of which it will be seen can easily be used to provide real phone clairvoyancy. Clairvoyance literally means “clear vision” and is a form of extra sensory perception. It can be used to describe a number of different psychic abilities including telepathy and second sight. At its core it is the ability to gather information from the spirit dimension about a person, object, place or event.

This information is gathered from perception that is beyond the senses that we usually use. A clairvoyant has developed the psychic ability to see things that are unobtainable to others. They are also skilled at interpreting what this information may mean and how it might apply.

With this in mind it can be seen that real phone clairvoyancy is possible. There is nothing that can provide a barrier between people if they are gaining information from the spirit dimension. Many clairvoyants will be able to focus and connect with people from any distance. The phone is merely allowing the person being read to provide a bit of information and for the clairvoyant to feedback the results in verbal language.

Many clairvoyants would be able to perform a reading with just information about a person no matter where they are. For example, some clairvoyants can read from an object or item and can find out a great deal about a person without them being present. Using remote reading techniques some clairvoyants can do this without the object being present.

Some clairvoyants will not do phone readings because their technique for reading successfully depends on close proximity to a person being read, but this is not the case for many clairvoyants.

In some face to face readings people will close their eyes to help them focus. If you think about it like this it doesn’t matter how far away the two people are as the communication and information gathering is occurring in the spirit dimension, which is separate from time and space. For this reason it is clear that real phone clairvoyancy is possible and can providing readings that are just as accurate as face to face readings.