Phone Psychic-Understanding How A Phone Psychic Reading Works

Many people do not understand how a UK phone psychic works and this article should go some way to explain this with the spotlight on a particular UK phone psychic service.  The service is advertised in national magazines and terms and conditions will be in small print at the foot of the advertisement. 

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It usually states that all calls are recorded for your protection and safety and that you must be over 18 to receive a reading. It is also likely that it will state the cost of the call and customer service details so that you can contact them if you need to.

Understanding How A Phone Psychic Reading Works

Once you are through to one of the Uk phone psychics there is a voice prompt which gives a brief outline of the service.  You are then given the option to select the pin number of your preferred reader by pressing this on your phone or to select another option to be put through to the next available reader. 

Once you are through to your reader they will confirm with you that you are the bill payer and that you are over the age of 18.  You will then be told about the way that they work and what methods they can use such as mediumship, dream interpretation, tarot cards, angel cards, astrology, clairvoyance and so on.

There is a maximum call duration of 20 minutes with the uk phone psychics service and about 2 minutes before the 20 minutes is up you are prompted with a voice message telling you that your call will soon come to an end.  If you do not already have the pin number of the psychic and you want to come back again it is important to get this pin so that you can come back immediately. 

If you find that you are not able to get through to this psychic immediately sometimes the system puts you through to one of the other Uk psychics and you have a choice whether to continue or not.  You may not be able to get through to your particular psychic if they have picked up another call or if they have logged out.

There is a facility to leave feedback via the website and if you have had a good reading you may be tempted to tell your story.  You could become a regular with this particular psychic and the first few times you call they may not remember you because they will answer several calls. 

Once you have had a few readings they are sure to remember you each time and you can build a good rapport and understand how your psychic works.  You will also have a good idea when this particular psychic is likely to be logged on waiting to take calls.  You could also monitor the system so that you can see which of the uk phone psychics are busy and which ones are not at any particular time.