How Mediums Link To Your Aura For Medium Readings

The question of how mediums link to your aura is not an easy one to explain unless you first explain what the aura is. The aura is our life force or energy field that surrounds every living being. You may be wondering how mediums link to your aura because you do not realize that you have more than likely linked with the auras of other people before for yourself.

How Mediums Link To Your Aura For Medium Readings

How Mediums Link To Your Aura For Medium Readings

The life force that surrounds us is actually noticeable by everyone but the secret to how mediums link to your aura is that they understand what they are seeing and they accept it for what it is. You have more than likely looked at a person before and thought to yourself that they are in a good mood, or they are in a bad mood.

Have you ever seen someone that was positively glowing? You were linking into their energy field or you were seeing their life force and it was emitting positive energy.

How mediums link to your aura has to do with the fact that they have practiced their skills of noticing the life energy that is surrounding people, and with the things they notice they can connect to the life force. You can actually connect to another individuals life force, and feel what they are feeling, if you are open minded to the entire existence of the aura and accepting that you cannot always see everything unless you are trying to see it.

Have you ever been around someone and just felt happy? Are have you ever told someone their enthusiasm was contagious because when you are around them you feel upbeat and excited like something good is about to occur? You were linked to their life energy and you were feeling what they felt. These connections happen all of the time and most of us do not even realize what is happening when they do.

Some people see the colors of the auras surrounding people easily and some of us have to hone this skill in order to see these colors. Do not confuse the seeing of these colors with the colors that people who suffer from neurological disorders such as epilepsy see. What those individuals are actually seeing is referred to as trash. The envisioning of lights or colors are signals their brain sends to them to alert them of an impending seizure.

The colors of the aura surrounding a person will generally be seen as a faint color of light that surrounds the head and shoulders of the individual. Like the pictures that depict Jesus Christ with a halo of yellow or white light surrounding his head and shoulders. This halo is a depiction of the aura of purity and goodness that surrounded Jesus.