How To Spot A Fake Psychic Reader Easily

Undoubtedly there are people who perform tarot card readings who are not truly gifted with any powers and are simply after a clients money. Knowing how to spot a fake psychic reader is the best and only defense against these types of con artists.

How To Spot A Fake Psychic Reader Easily

How To Spot A Fake Psychic Reader

One of the best ways to tell you how to spot a fake psychic reader are to tell you to ask questions that you want to ask the medium that there are no way they could guess the answers to. Remember that even those who individuals are not using powers of intuition to connect with beings from other dimensions so that you gain from the knowledge they can share with you, they do have strong powers of observation.

The first thing you learn when you talk about how to spot a fake psychic reader is that you never give away any information. These people are going to fish for clues that they will use to decide things about your life. They will then use the facts they deduced from your clothing, your jewelry, your speech patterns, and your address to get you to believe that they must be gifted because they know so much about you without you telling them.

Lesson one on how to spot a fake psychic reader is to not wear your normal jewelry to the meeting. Try to wear no jewelry. They can look at your ring finger and determine your marital status, or how recently you may have stopped wearing a ring. This can tell them that you have lost a love in your life through death, divorce, or some other means. They will use this information to persuade you they can see into your life.

They can look at your skin and eyes and tell if you may be ill. Pale skin, dull hair, and dark circles are all clues that a person may be having some health issues. They will use these deductions to tell you that they know you have been ill and to tell you that they know what is wrong with you. Most people will offer up information about their health at this point that will help the con artist to make their con more believable.

Do not give your real address to the con artist. They can look the address up on the internet and it will tell them if you are from a rich neighborhood, or not. That means they will basically know what your average income is and whether you are white collar or likely to be a blue collar worker. They can make the same deductions by asking where you grew up. To spot a con you need to only give them as much information during the session as you have to. You also need to ask questions of them to try and trip them up.