Different Medium Readings & Psychic Readings

There are different types of psychic readings. Each of them specializes in various areas of the field. One of them is the psychic medium reading. Mediums perform a type of psychic reading which specializes in conducting readings about the spirit world. They are one of the earliest fields developed in the psychic industry. Records from history books and religious books showed that this field of psychic practice has been in existence since mankind began.

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Different Medium Readings & Psychic Readings

With the increase in human knowledge and technological advancement the field has continued to develop more. The reason for the continued growth of the field of psychic mediums is because their services are indispensable for the understanding of human life and human existence as well. Teachings of many religions have shown that life continues, that even after death life still goes on, therefore understanding what goes on in the other side of living has always become the preoccupation of man and must continue to occupy the attention of humanity even in years to come. The most potent way of seeing what goes on in the other side of life that is in the spirit world is through the activities of medium readers.

Psychic mediums perform their readings in different ways, that is to say that psychic medium is also further compartmentalized into different types. Although all psychic mediums operate on the same subject that is decoding information and messages from the spirit world, they do not arrive at these reading through the same methods. There are of course different methods of conducting medium readings, but three of these methods are very common and most popular. Anyone who is conversant with psychic terms must have come across these great fields in medium readings: clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. These are three unique and distinct fields of psychic mediums.

They all have different talents, skills and specialities in medium readings. They can all be evident at the same reading over the same issue, what makes the difference is the methods adopted in carrying out the medium readings, but they all arrive at their readings through extra sensory perceptions. The clairvoyance skill for instance is very popular for psychic mediums. They conduct their readings through what is called the extra perception sense of seeing. They have developed mystical eyes through which they are able to peep into the spirit world, communicate with the spirits and bring messages back from them.

Their own method is quite different from the clairaudience skill in the medium industry. Practitioners of this type of skill are attributed with having developed the extra sensory ability of receiving message from the spirit world through hearing. They have a finely tuned ear and as such have a rapport with the dead so that they actually hear from them. The clairsentience mediums for their own part are attributed with the power to feel what is happening in the spirit world.

One of the peculiar things about psychic mediums is that the acts are not easily acquired through learning. Most often the popular and reliable and accurate mediums are those who inherited the act through any of their parents or grand parents.