Clairaudient Readings-How Energy Readings Work

We know that at clairvoyant readings we can expect the medium we have hired to be able to talk to or sense the presence of people who have passed over, and to be able to foretell future things that may happen, and to be able to see details of things that we cannot possibly see.

Clairaudient Readings-How Energy Readings Work

Clairaudient Readings-How Energy Readings Work

These individuals use their extra sensory perceptions to perform these amazing feats. When you attend clairaudient readings you will be using a psychic that hears sounds in frequencies that our human ears cannot pick up.

Clairaudient readings are performed by specialized mediums that hear the messages from angels, ghosts, and other entities. These sounds are inaudible to us. These individuals have a keen hearing much like the hearing of a dog. A dog can hear sounds that the human ear is incapable of perceiving. They make command whistles for canine trainers to use that only the animals hear. This allows the trainer to work with the dog and not disturb other people around them when they are doing so.

The mediums that perform the clairaudient readings have specialized hearing so they can hear and understand the messages that are presented to them concerning you. They will then translate for you what the other entity is trying to tell you so that you can benefit from the knowledge and the perceptions that your guardian angels have about you.

A lot of times children are able to hear these sounds when they are very small. As they grow older they generally lose this type of hearing and they usually forget that they could ever hear things that came from another dimension, or a separate reality. The gifted people that can perform the clairaudient readings never lost their ability to hear sound that had no obvious source of emission. They retained their ability to hear without their ears.

It has not yet been determined why some people have this gift, and there are those scientists that disbelieve the ability. Of course for every wrong there is a right, and for every opinion there is someone that has a different opinion. You have to hear what these individuals have to tell you and then form your own opinion on the truthfulness or reliability you think they possess.

Most of the people that have this gift say it is almost like the voice in your head that tells you what to do. They “hear” this voice telling them information that could benefit someone, or information that could help resolves a mystery like a crime. They relate the things they are told to the people that come to see them. The individual will usually go into a trance like state to receive the message.