Know Some Ways to Check If You Are Psychic

Sitting across the table from a friend who is holding up cards where you cannot see them and you are trying to tell them what card they are looking at is not how to tell if you are psychic. Guessing what card a person is holding like that is a parlor game not a psychic power. There are mediums that are powerful enough to locate missing objects and even missing people though. They generally cannot make their powers work on demand but rather have to allow their intuitions to go to work in their own time.

Know Some Ways to Check If You Are Psychic

One way for you to tell if you are psychic is for you to keep a journal. Keep the journal by the side of your bed and when you wake up write down any portion of the dream you were just having that you remember. A lot of people receive their clairvoyant messages in the form of dreams.

That is how their minds can accept the revelations they are receiving. Remember to write the memory down then because the memory of the dream may fade before you awaken again in the morning.

After you have kept this journal keep an eye on the things that occur in your dreams and the things that occur in your life or in the lives of the ones you were dreaming of. You may begin to see a pattern of intuitive dreams that you have been having.

If you are one of those people that seem to know who is calling before you answer the phone or the door keep a journal or log of the times these phenomena’s happen to you. You will be able to see how many times you had the feeling and how many times the feeling was accurate. This can show the presence of psychic ability to you.

Many people can seem to sense when there is imminent danger to them or to someone they love. If you do this then you want to keep a journal recording the times you thought that danger was close at hand and what you did about those feelings. Be sure and document if the feeling turned out to indeed be true or not.

All of these journals will be documentation for you to use to show how often you have psychic or clairvoyant intuitions that come true. You will not only be able to see the presence of the gifts you may have but you will also be able to see the percentage of times that your intuitions are dead on the money. You can not only judge whether you are indeed a medium but you can see how powerful a medium you are.