Can Psychic Readers Predict the Future ?

Most people have heard of Nostradamus the French seer and for those of you who have not heard of him he was probably one of the most famous Astrologers and Psychics of all time. He was a famous psychic reader born in 1503 who made a number of predictions which came true. Psychic Readers Predict the Future

Nostradamus compiled some books and made several predictions about world events which eventually came true. His books are still available today and although written in the dialect of the 1500 century his prophecies are still of great interest.

Can Psychic Readers Predict the Future?

His famous prophecy about the terrorist attack in 9/11 has left many people united and others divided in their opinions. There are some who say that his use of language constructed in such a way in which his prophecies could be interpreted to mean a number of things.

In his era he described great birds flying into buildings and of a city of gold, great thunder, two brothers torn apart by chaos, and the overturning of a great leader.

Taking these clues together are we to assume that he saw the attack on the City of Gold the New York world trade centres as the two brothers? Perhaps the great thunder is the raging fire the explosion.

This is the problem with psychic predictions because there will always be sceptics who will explain away just about anything that a psychic predicts. The scientists are still experimenting with psychic ability and so far they have not proved or disproved the existence of psychic ability. The jury is still out on this one and until this can be explained without a shadow of doubt there will always be some scepticism.

There have always been charlatans who claim to be psychic readers and seek to profit from prophecy and there are some people who believe that they have genuine psychic abilities.

There are various ways that the psychic readers can tell the future and the most common ones are Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Tarot. A Clairvoyant is a ‘seer’ who uses extrasensory perception which looks beyond our normal senses. They are able to visualize events beyond the normal range of the senses.

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with the deceased and bring through messages from the afterlife. A trance medium will go into an altered state to channel the information from the other side and they may not necessarily be aware of what is being said.

There are some mediums who can use automatic writing and others who do psychic art and the information is relayed to them from the other side. There are many psychic readers who are also mediums and they can switch between the two during a psychic reading.

Tarot readers are not necessarily psychic readers as the tarot cards can be learned because they speak a universal language. Tarot cards as a divination tool for predicting the future has been around for centuries and continues to be popular today.

There is so much more to tarot reading than meets the eye, there are certain rituals to storing, shuffling and interpreting the cards. Each card has its own unique meaning and they follow a particular suit such as pentacles, rods, swords and cups. There are so many variations these days and the interpretation of the cards will vary according to the reader.