The Top 3 Elements Of Palmistry Reading- Start Here!

Palmistry reading is the art in which a subject’s hand is analyzed to provide insights to his physical and emotional states in his past, present and future. Palmists believe not only that the palmistry lines characteristics hold such information but also that they can reflect the changed that the subject undergoes throughout life.

The Top 3 Elements Of Palmistry Reading- Start Here!

The Top 3 Elements Of Palmistry Reading- Start Here!

Spanning over thousand of years and all continents, palmistry reading was a part of many cultures. It was, and in some societies still is, considered to be able to predict the future or specifically point at life changing events. However, palmistry lines readings is mostly seen as an informative tool to help one’s path in life, by providing crucial information on strengths and tendencies.

Palmistry reading is based on a few characteristics of the hand, all helping in coming up with a detailed analysis about the subject.

Palmistry Lines

The palm is carved with many palmistry lines. Those lines are believed to hold the main information about the subject character. Lines are related to mentality, general health, relationships, luck, fate and more. The lines are usually different between the two hands, providing even more information about past and future, and the way a person controlled his life.

Lines are analyzed according to their length and thickness, their origin and ending points and relations to other palmistry lines. For example lines related to mind crossing lines related to emotions can provide an image of the way emotions control the subject’s way of thinking, or vice versa.

Palmistry lines are the palmist’s main tool, and at times the are sufficient to provide a complete and detailed analysis.

Palmistry Mounts

The palmistry mounts are no more than virtual segments of the hand arbitrarily relating to one of the planets. Our ancestors believed each planet has some kind of influence on our being, and each mount relates to its corresponding planet’s influence. The mounts might relate to kindness, creativity, confidence and more – just like the palmistry lines.

Palmistry mounts have an important role when the lines are measured against them. If a line originates or terminates at a specific mount, both the line’s and the mount’s characteristics are taken into account to provide a full image on those characteristics.

Hand Shape

The general shape of the hand holds some importance in palmistry readings. size and shape of hand and fingers, skin texture and even knuckles form.

Hands are traditionally categorized into several shapes relating to nature’s elements and mainly fire, earth, air and water – which in turn relates to different temperaments or moods of the subject.

Unlike palmistry lines and mounts, the hand shape is very easy to identify and provides quick and easy information for the palmists about the personality type of the subject. Even though not much information can be obtained from the hand shape, the fact it is very trivial to achieve makes it an important element of palmistry reading.


Palmistry reading has been around almost since the dawn of mankind, providing people with the ability to try and form a general opinion about the subject. Palmistry lines and mounts have different meanings, depending on the culture and time as well as the individual subject.

Using palmistry lines reading might not allow you to see the future, as historically suggested, but it surely can provide you a great tool for human interaction and for self improvement.