Many Different Types Of Mediums-What Is A Mediums Reader?

Much like a doctor who develops his skills through time and practice, mediums develop their skills in the same way. Like a person’s character is formed throughout their lives, so mediums grow and improve on themselves to better help those that come to them seeking their counsel.

Many Different Types Of Mediums-What Is A Mediums Reader?

Mediums are conduits to the spirit world and convey their messages back to our world. They usually have an amazing store of energy from which they draw their strength. However, it is quite common to find that they unable to tap into the spirit world on their own. They often ask for help from the client or a group when they are attempting to contact the spirit world. This is quite normal and does not mean that they are fraudulent – the client or the group acts as an anchor to our world.

There are many different types of mediums. Psychic empaths are those who “feel” the world around them. It is the easiest form of information to get but the hardest to define since it is very difficult to identify if what is being felt is from the empath or the client. They are often referred to as psychic sponges since they pick up and absorb energy wherever they may go. Empaths need very strong boundaries to protect themselves from overloading their senses and causing a short circuit of their system. The most common form of protection is a visualization of a bubble of white light always around them acting as a psychic shield.

Psychic clairvoyants are mediums who can see things in their minds eye without using any of the normal senses. They can tell you about what is happening right now, what happened in the past or what is going to happen in the future. Their ability to see events, objects and places is not limited by the normal limitations of time and space which can, and very often does, distort perception. This ability is often called second sight.

Psychic clairaudients are mediums who can hear things in their mind. This is a variance of clairvoyance. It is often referred to as the inner mental ear. The sounds are heard in the form of cosmic or psychic vibrations. The sounds may be physical or non-physical. The physical sounds may be almost the same as human voices but the non-physical is more like astral voices or mind speech. It is believed that Joan of Arc, who was later canonized as St. Joan, was a clairaudient.

All mediums are, first and foremost, gifted people. As children, they would have been the butt of jokes and teasing as their gifts would have made most people around them uncomfortable. We must respect them without doubting them.